Prešeren Day
Slovenian cultural holiday
Instagram (live) + Facebook (video) + Youtube (premiere) + Zoom (workshop)
from UGM + UGM Šop + UGM Studio
8 February 2021, 11:00-20:00

"When I run wild without peace, my friends ask me where to?" (France Prešeren)

On the occasion of Prešeren's Day, the Maribor Art Gallery is opening its doors and inviting restless souls, art lovers and others to the shelter of visual art.

Visitors will be able to visit all current exhibitions free of charge between 10:00 and 18:00. Upon entering, gallery etiquette and the following safety measures will continue to apply: wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, keeping a distance of 2 m, and hygiene of sneezing and coughing. The number of visitors per square meter will be limited. The visit will be tailored to the individual viewing and viewing of persons from the same household. Additional guidelines will be provided by the staff of the Maribor Art Gallery.

On display are the exhibition 100+ Highlights from the UGM Collection in UGM, the exhibition Saša Bezjak / Embroidery and Mail Art in UGM Šop. You can also visit our museum shop, where you can choose from postcards, leaflets, catalogs and UGM publications, which will be available at -30%  friendlier prices! Only on the day, you will be able to get The Mean Ant Set for on a special offer! When you buy The Mean Ant Bag and another product from the collection, you'll get the third product for free.

However, all events of the day will still be. On the occasion of Prešeren Day, we have also prepared a varied online cultural program, which you will be able to follow in slippers from the comfort of your own home. More about the program below.

For adults, we have prepared online live tours on Instagram for the exhibitions 100+ Highlights from the UGM Collection and Mail Art . Children and parents will be able to join the intergenerational creative workshop "Who is hiding behind the artwork?" virtually via Zoom. On this very day, a new exhibition of the artist Matija Bobičić will be opened live in UGM Studio via social networks. You are invited to listen to the conversation with the artist, led by curator Jure Kirbiš. At the end of the online guides, we will also receive and answer questions from viewers.

With the program, we join the initiative of the Community of Municipalities of Slovenia to pay special attention to the culture of dialogue on the occasion of the Slovenian Cultural Day.

100+ in UGM / online guided tour
Instagram (live) + Facebook (video), from UGM, 11:00

guided by: Urša Rotman, prof. of fine art and UGM expert associate
Join us for a short guided tour through the current exhibition 100+ Highlights from the UGM Collection live via our Instagram page. You will be taken through the exhibition in about fifteen minutes by an expert associate Urša Rotman. In just a few minutes, we will walk through historical periods from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century. We hope that you will want to visit us in person as soon as possible, when the situation will allow it again.

Mail Art/ online guided tour
Instagram (live) + Facebook (video), from UGM Šop, 12:00

guided by: Jure Kirbiš, UGM curator
Once again, we will take a quick look at the art postcards we received at the end of last year in response to the mail art competition on the theme of the exciting year 2020. Among them, we will also highlight the three winners of the competition chosen by the public.

Who is Hiding Behind the Artwork? / children's creative workshop
Zoom (live), from UGM, 15:00–16:30

guided by: Brigita Strnad, UGM museum consultant and head of pedagogical department at UGM
We invite children to a playful gathering, where we will study the mysterious artist. In what way do they create? What tools and materials do they need? Why do they create? We will then invite you to portray the mysterious artist as you imagine them yourself. At the end of the meeting, we will of course reveal to you the real person hiding behind the artwork.

Premiere of the Art Video by Tanja Lažetić at the Closing of the Exhibition Flowers
Youtube (video), from UGM Studio, 18:00

guided by: Jure Kirbiš, UGM curator
Tanja Lažetić documented the demolition of the recently concluded exhibition Flowers. In a short video that will premiere on the UGM YouTube channel, Tanja can be seen harvesting a field of flowers that have never bloomed.

Matija Bobičić / opening of the exhibition
Instagram (live) + Facebook (video), from UGM Studio, 19:00

curator: Jure Kirbiš, UGM curator
special guest: Matija Bobičić
The exhibition is the first solo presentation of the Maribor painter Matija Bobičić in Maribor in six years. Since the last major exhibition, the author has developed a completely new painting language and motifs, and penetrated the American market of contemporary art. For the exhibition in the UGM Studio, the painter prepared a never-before-seen series of eight larger-format paintings. Join the opening live via our Instagram page.