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Saša Bezjak / Embroideries
UGM Šop, Strossmayerjeva 6
29 January 2021–14. March 2021
online opening: Friday, 29 January 2021, 12:00

curator: Breda Kolar Sluga

This time, the original and provocative Saša Bezjak presents Emboideries, a series of embroidered drawings on small-format textiles, at UGM Shop. As a painter and sculptor by education, she says that she paved her way through drawing, which was created impulsively and in large quantities. Since 2005, she has also started exploring the line with the help of embroidered thread. The thread that penetrates the base has become a polygon for thinking about the artistic elements, color, space and strokes, but also about the social space of those who are this time pulling the strings - women. The search for primacy is essential for its creation, as well as the constant building of relationships between people. In 15 years, an extensive and extremely resounding series of large-format embroideries has been created, which the artist hangs directly on the walls or in the room. Motively, the most resounding are Kisses, where two faces are connected in a unique way. The author is unmistakably recognizable by her narrative immediacy.

The exhibited works connect several series, mostly created as a result of cooperation between the artist and her mother. First a drawing is made on the fabric, then it is embroidered. Together, they test the color of the thread, the density and tempo of the embroidered stroke, the effects of various drawing bases and the materiality of the recycling of historical napkins. Motively, these napkins are close to large format embroidery. The ribbons with embroidered refrains are a bit different: “I'm a punk, rocker and hardcore at heart. It’s music that’s been driving me for 35 years. On vacation, I played music and transcribed song titles. In 2016, we also started an embroidery project with a friend, and these ribbons are the work of her hands. "

“I love art because it first allows me to get to know myself and then communicate with the audience and respond. Because of art, people come my way who surprise me with their being. In the works that are being created, I am always sincere and open, because that is the only thing I know. ”A great opportunity to make your loved ones happy with the right gift.

Saša Bezjak (born in 1971 in Maribor) graduated in 1999 under the mentorship of sculpture professor Darko Golija at the Faculty of Education in Maribor, and in 2001 under the mentorship of professors Metka Krašovec and dr. Nadje Zgonik from painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. There she also completed a master's degree in sculpture with professor Lujo Vodopivec. Since 2002, she has been self-employed in culture. In 2013, the University of Maribor awarded her the title of expert associate for the subject area of special didactics. She has been preparing art workshops for young people and adults for a decade as a mentor. She is involved in drawing, painting, sculpture, embroidery, art campaigns and teaching. She has presented herself in 70 group and 56 solo exhibitions. Since 2006 she has been living and creating in Gornja Radgona.