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  • Heroes We Love. Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in the New Europe

    20 € / 14 € (UGM Club Members)

    How are we to understand the monuments of the socialist era today; what can we do with them; and why do we love to hate them?

  • Slovenia and Non-Aligned Pop

    25 € / 17,5 € (UGM Club Members)

    In the 1960s and 70s the situation in Slovenia differed greatly from that in America. Not only did we no longer dream about capitalism, the...

  • Earth is Flat

    15 € / 10,5 € (UGM Club Members)

    Nowadays is possible to talk about tradition, intuition, ideology... liberal. Both artists from Slovenia and China speak out of the borders of...

  • Marko Pogačnik

    12 € / 8,4 € (UGM Club Members)

    It all started with his collaboration with the OHO movement and art group (1965-71), followed by the foundation of the farming and artistic community...

  • Creatures in Recent Slovenian Sculpture

    15 € / 10,50 € (Club Members UGM)

    A catalogue Creatures in Recent Slovenian Sculpture represents view in world of animals, which blends in with the world of unrecognisable creatures...

  • IVAN DVORŠAK, Photographer and Graphic Designer

    18 € / 12,60 € (UGM Club Members)

    Ivan Dvoršak was one of the most prominent Slovene photographers from the second half of the 20th century and a renowned graphic designer.

  • Jaša | CHRONICLES / Log No. 1

    15 € / 10,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    The catalogue of the exhibition with writings of Brede Kolar Sluga and Simone Vidmar from Art Galery Maribor, Michele Drascek, Duccio K. Marignoli...

  • Project Maribor

    20 € / 14 € (člani Kluba UGM)

    Catalogue PROJEKT MARIBOR Rebecca Horn & and guests informs us about language of time, which describes the world famous german artist Rebecca Horn in...