• UGM Kabinet / The Street

    This time, the selection of works from the UGM Collection focuses on the streets of Maribor, as artists living in Maribor have captured them over the...

  • Toni Soprano / ʹout ta kē

    ʹout ta kē comes from the English term OUTTAKE, used in film terminology. An outtake is any take of a movie that is removed from the final cut.

  • No Looking Back, Okay?

    An attempt to decipher if and how confrontations with manifold layers of memory can alter our perception of present realities and offer a fresh start.

  • Manica K. Musil / Stitchings

    Cecilia the Goat, the Naughty Pigs, Johnny Mosquito, Franky the Anteater, Robbie the Lion and Stan the Elephant are some of the heroes of Manica K....