End of Summer at UGM and Summer Puppet Pier
First encounter with the new UGM mascot - The Mean Ant, puppet show Enchanted Teapot and  an art workshop called Bite into the Art
UGM I Maribor Art GAllery, Strossmayerjeva 6
Saturday, 31 August 2019, 11:00

With the new school year at the Maribor Art Gallery, we are pleased to introduce to you our new mascot - The Mean Ant! In the year when UGM celebrates 65 years, with the ant we symbolically return to the beginning of the gallery, the author of the poem The Mean Ant is the first director of UGM - Branko Rudolf. The image of the ant was crated by Maribor graphic designer and illustrator Nenad Cizl. The unveiling of the new mascot is a continuation of the lively celebration of our anniversary, which began in the first half of this year with an exhibition Branko Rudolf And The Beginnings Of UGM. Learn more about the new UGM mascot here.

Kids will be able to meet the ant as early as Saturday on 31 August, at 11:00 on the ramp in front of UGM entrence as part of the program at the conclusion of summer. Before the puppet show Enchanted Teapot, the collection will be greeted by the puppet The Mean Ant, created in collaboration with the Maribor Puppet Theater (LGM). The show will be followed by a creative workshop where instead of biting into a bull we are going straight into art. At the UGM Shop you'll be able to purchese a new poster and a bag with the motive of the Mean Ant.