Young Experts Programme


Young professionals UGM is an intensive art school in the gallery, which includes young people from 10 to 15 years old. The program explores art in direct contact with artwork – live, in flesh, which has an invaluable educational background. They also create artistic artworks by themselves, test various materials and develop their own visual language. In doing so, they acquaint themselves with professions such as an artist, a curator, a photographer ... The program emphasizes getting to know contemporary art, which we observe and warn about it not being practiced or practiced too little in schoolwork. In addition, why do we consider it necessary for young people to get to know contemporary art? They are exposed daily to a wide range of visual information, so it is crucial for them to learn how to read, understand and critically process those. Art has great potential for developing such things as critical thinking. Also, art is a tool through which they discover the world and themselves in it.

As there will be more and more creative professions in the future, it is essential that we encourage young people to creatively solve problems and find original solutions, whereby the artistic process can be a quality example. The program will be implemented for a limited number of children. Pre-registration required.

Program Objectives:
- getting to know the UGM Collection;
- developing an in-depth and critical understanding of works of art;
- developing artistic skills and knowledge;
- encouraging creative cooperation;
- learning about professions in the field of visual arts.

price for a single workshop 7 EUR / price for the entire programme 45 EUR
info and pre-registrations: Urša Rotman, or 02 22 94 697