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Rok Vilčnik / Cosmic Fairytales
exhibition of illustrations and presentation of the Cosmic Fairytales reprint + concert Simpatico
UGM Šop, Strossmayerjeva 6
20 June – 1 November 2020
exhibition opening + concert: Saturday, 20 June 2020, 20:00 + 21:00

curator: Breda Kolar Sluga

This time around, UGM Šop presents illustrations by Rok Vilčnik, known to the public as one of the most prominent Slovenian dramatists as well as an excellent screenwriter, novelist and poet. What is less known is that he is a fine artist, although it was in this field that he began his creative career. Illustrations created by the author in 2002 and published in the book of short stories Vesoljne pravljice (Cosmic Fairytales), published in 2003 by Locutio and sold out soon after, will be on display. The book will be reprinted especially for this occasion by the Maribor publisher Permafrost.

Rok Vilčnik is also an excellent songwriter and is credited with some of the most successful music projects in the history of Slovenian music: Patetico, Pliš in Papir. He also writes songs for other artists, such as Severa Gjurin, Maja Keuc, Neisha and Bilbi. Rok Vilčnik is currently also enjoying enormous success in his new music venture - Simpatico - which he will present to us after the exhibition’s opening in the lobby of UGM.

“We marvel at the author’s heroes, his choice of subject matter, while at the same time we agree with him and somehow rush from page to page so as not to miss anything in this unusual fairytale world. Most of all we listen to the meaning, which not only captivates but also informs us. Although Vilčnik’s book presents them in a new way, cosmic fairytales contain so much ancient wisdom they are well worth listening to. Their naivety and wisdom make them accessible to the young and slightly less young. We are obviously still a part of this cosmos, our only home. Fairytales place us right in its centre again and also, in some way, ground us”
prof. dr. Janez Vrečko

The fairytales are available for purchase in the UGM shop with a discount on the opening day.
Concert Simpatico more here.