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reCITYing / Open Call for Best Practices

The Maribor Art Gallery, in the framework of the reCITYing project, is calling for examples of best practices in the field of regeneration of abandoned spaces (buildings, squares, districts, neighbourhoods, industrial and other architectural heritage) in cities through the use of architecture and art.

reCITYing has the ambition to establish a networking platform and exchange based the principle of temporary reuse and co-creation of spaces in a European perspective. The call is aimed at young creatives and professionals in the field of architecture, urban and product design, event designers, art institutions and performers to foster a wider knowledge creation on urban regeneration strategies and artistic laboratories open to the city as cultural incubators.

The Catalogue will display innovative urban regeneration project from four different perspectives:

Architecture + Performative arts
i.e. Architecture, scenography, ballets, performing arts, costumes
with recycled materials, living theatre

Architecture + Land arts
i.e. LandArt, food waste, promenades, floating/hanging tents, landscape
installations, nature-based solutions

Architecture + Music
i.e. Music stages, jam sessions, design for music, music/sensorial
experiences, music transect walks, informal orchestras

Architecture + Visual arts
i.e. Visual arts, video mapping, street arts, electronic installations,
participatory arts, architectural folly

12 top ranked entries (3 per each category) will be exhibited in a dedicated poster session at the 2025 edition of the International FAV Festival in Montpellier. They winning projects will be promoted through the project website and communication channels. 40 selected and ranked entries will be published in  the State of the Art(s) reCITYing Catalogue as open access on-line publication (with ISBN).

Submissions until: 17 May 2024
Jury meeting: 19 June 2024
Announcement of results: 28 June 2024

Submission requirements:
All submissions should be in English and send to recityingping@gmailpong.com.

Eligible Projects: any project worldwide that is realised and implemented, corresponding to this call for projects towards reCITYing.

Eligibility of Submitters: author(s) of projects, or contributors, as well as participants, users, or observers of the projects; the submitter does not have to be the author of the project.

Title / name of the project
- designers (team)
- location
- year of realisation
- website/ video _ link (on other platforms)
- status: temporary / initial / enhancing re-use (choose among one)
- impacts perspectives: local / district / city / national (choose among one)
- client / funding programme
- community/ influence area
- text (English): critical review, description 3000 char. max
- 10 images, incl. plan, graphics, etc. Copyrights: the submitted text is to be authored by the submitters only.

Photographs are to be authored by the submitters, or a written permission of use for the publication needs to be provided by the submitters, clearly stating that the authors of the projects gives consensus to reproduce the materials on reCITYing Catalogue and its media channels. The authors of the project and project-related informations must be correctly and comprehensively stated by the submitters.

More info: recitying@gmail.com or infoping@ugmpong.si.

reCITYing partner consortium consists of the project leader Università degli studi di Genova (Italy) and Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Spain), Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), UGM | Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia) and Association Champ Libre (France).

Co-funded by the European Union. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the EACEA can be held responsible for them.

Call for projects: State of the art(s) catalogue