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Slovene painter Zmago Jeraj received Prešeren award for his lifework in 2008. At his retrospective exhibition UGM published an extensive exhibition catalogue of the artist’s work and life. The catalogue represents his work over a period of 50 years and shows the artist’s rare universal talent for fine arts. With his paintings, drawings, prints, photography, illustration, books, scenography, graphic design and films, Zmago Jeraj took his place among the contemporary Slovene fine arts elite. The catalogue includes texts by art critics PhD Jure Mikuž, PhD Nadja Zgonik and Milan Pajk as well as descriptions of personal experiences from the artists Andrej Brumen Čop and Andrej Brvar.

Texts: Andrej Brvar, Andrej Brumen Čop, Milojka Kline, Breda Kolar Sluga, Jure Mikuž, Nadja Zgonik, Milan Pajk
Editor: Milojka Kline  
ISBN: 978-961-6489-14-0
Year: 2008
Pages: 336
Dimensions: 27 x 23 cm
Language: Slovene, English (Synopsis)

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