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  • Ejti Štih: Slike in objekti

    5 € / 3,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    Ejti Štih, Slovene painter living in Bolivia for over twenty years, paints with expressive use of figure and the glowing palette of colours the scenes...

  • Bogdan Čobal

    5 € / 3,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    Katalog je izšel ob pregledni razstavi del akademskega slikarja Bogdana Čobala, ki je potekala med 20. junijem in 4. avgustom 2002 v UGM.

  • Antonio Živkovič, Spaces of Silence

    3 € / 2,10 € (UGM Club Members)

    Prostori tišine are photographs of abandoned industrial buildings, photographed in 2002 in different parts of Slovenia but mainly in the city of...

  • Hannes Gruber

    5 € / 3,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    The catalogue was issued next to the exhibition of Hannes Gruber, swiss painter of abstract expressionism, in UGM between 7 June and 29 July 2001.

  • Dragiša Modrinjak, Črno Bela Fotografija, 1955 – 1980

    5 € / 3,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    In black and white photographs of Maribor photographer Dragiša Modrinjak we can find a perplexing artistic and topical accession with the emphasis on...

  • Aleksandra Vajd, Crumbs on the Sheet

    2 € / 1,40 € (UGM Club Members)

    Aleksandra Vajd (b. 1971) creates photographs which are beyond the common autobiographical confession. The catalogue is made up of eight reproductions...

  • From birth to birth, from oneself to others

    6 € / 4 € (UGM Club Members)

    The catalogue accompanied an extensive thematic exhibition of family topics in Slovenian fine arts.

  • Vlasta Hegedušić: Open Curtain

    6 € / 4,80 € (UGM Club Members)

    The catalogue was published next to the exhibition The opened curtain, which presented an overview of costume design and scenography of Vlaste...

  • Fritz Friedriger and Maribor

    3 € / 2,10 € (UGM Club Members)

    The catalogue reveals details about life and work of the architect Fritz Friedriger, who was encouraging the development of construction culture in...

  • KAREL JIŘAK, Paintings

    5 € / 3,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    Works of the painter Karel Jiřak (1897-1982) include above all traditional fine arts themes such as landscapes, still life, figurative elements,...

  • Rebecca Horn

    17,50 €

    Comprehensive overview of Rebecca Horn's oeuvre.

  • Jože Šubic

    10 € / 7 € (UGM Club Members)

    Academic painter Jože Šubic, a member of one of the most successful generations of artists in the last decade – Generation 82, contributed...