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  • Jasmina Cibic, Airport Projects


    The publication was published next to the project Other Mythologies at the Maribor Art Gallery and represents Airport Projects, the artwork of Jasmina...

  • Visual Bureaucrats

    12 € / 8,40 € (UGM Club Members)

    Catalogue was published next to the exhibition Visual Bureaucrats. Exhibition of the works by Bojan Gorenec, Žiga Kariž and Alen Ožbolt based on the...

  • Robot Museum

    12 € / 8,40 € (UGM Club Members)

    Catalogue was published next to the exhibition Robot Museum, which was the first comprehensive exhibition of this part of contemporary Slovenian art....

  • La belle peinture est derrière nous

    12 €

    Catalogue was published next to the exhibition Beautiful painting is behind us that presents thirty-six artists from France and Slovenia.

  • Simona Šuc, Cosmic Picnic

    5 € / 3,50 € (UGM Club Members)

    This catalogue reveals the cosmic picnic of Simona Šuc (b. 1972) and takes you on a circular journey along the visual and lyrical orbit of the...

  • ELSA Oeltjen Kasimir, From Family

    10 € / 7 € (UGM Club Members)

    UGM presents the work and life of Elsa Oeltjen Kasimir (1887–1944), an exceptional artist and extravagant personality.

  • Saša Bezjak, Intimate

    7 € / 5 € (UGM Club Members)

    Saša Bezjak belongs to a young generation of artists and is very intimate in her creative process - she is a woman, a mother and a partner. The...

  • Zmago Jeraj, Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Photography

    20 € / 14 € (UGM Club Members)

    Slovene painter Zmago Jeraj received Prešeren award for his lifework in 2008. At his retrospective exhibition UGM published an extensive exhibition...