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  • Project Maribor

    20 € / 14 € (člani Kluba UGM)

    Catalogue PROJEKT MARIBOR Rebecca Horn & and guests informs us about language of time, which describes the world famous german artist Rebecca Horn in...

  • Kyle Milne, Route 99


    Catalogue Route 99: Brotherhood and Unity, A friendly guide to the Balkans has neen released by the prokect of the artist, Kyle Milne. Kyle Milne is...

  • Ksenija Čerče & Anica Vučetić

    12 € / 8,40 € (UGM Club Members)

    Catalogue was published next to the exhibition Ksenija Čerče & Anica Vučetić, Dialogue, which reestablished a dialogue between two artists, Ksenija...

  • Jan Fabre. Night book 1978-1984


    Jan Fabre's diary opens unique insight into artist's search for his own identity.

  • Unfinished modernisations


    Publication was published next to the exhibition Unfinished modernisations / Between utopia and pragmatism. The exhibition presents the architectural...

  • Unfinished modernisation

    30 € / 21 € (UGM Club Members)

    Final publication of the project Unfinished modernisations presenting architecture and urban planning in the former Yugoslavia and its successor...

  • Ida Brišnik Remec & Marjan Remec

    12 € / 8,40 € (UGM Club Members)

    Catalogue was published next to the exhibition Ida Brišnik Remec & Marjan Remec, So near – so far. The first retrospective exhibition presented an...

  • Rebecca Horn. Mondspiegel


    First Slovenian translation of Rebecca Horn's poems with a comrehensive introduction by Doris von Drathen.

  • Metka Kavčič, Intertwined Traces

    6 € / 4 € (UGM Club Members)

    Interwined Traces are an ambience-designed project of the sculptor Metka Kavčič (b. 1960) inspired by the rich cultural and historical treasures of...

  • Continuity of the Modernism


    Despite this interest, Croatian architecture is rather unknown, and its cultural status has just begun to be outlined through new critical...

  • Architecture Competition River Drava 2012

    5 €

    Publication, that was released at the end of International architecture competititon »ECoC / Drava River 2012«, presents the architectural ideas for...

  • Eco, 3rd Triennial Ecology and Art

    2 € / 1,40 € (UGM Club Members)

    The theme of the 3rd Triennial Ecology and Art is water, one of the basic elements of life. The catalogue presents artists using different techniques...