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UGM Volunteers

At the Maribor Art Gallery we want to open our door wide and invite art and museum enthusiasts to take an active part in our activities. We would like to attract volunteers of all ages and different ideas to assist us with their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm and by doing so contribute to our gallery and help to diversify the activities of our institution. The volunteers can participate in our activities throughout the year, working from 4 to 6 hours per week in different departments of the UGM. The volunteers and volunteer organizations are bound by the “Ethical code of organized volunteering”.

UGM is a museum of modern and contemporary visual art. We stage approximately 12 special exhibitions per year – from retrospectives of Slovene artists to international festivals of contemporary art, as well as architectural and design exhibitions, all accompanied by guided tours, lectures, workshops and discussions. The gallery education program interconnects diverse age groups, individuals and educational institutions. UGM is a place for everyone!

The UGM volunteers may participate at the following activities of our departments:

Museum department: UGM is one of the main museums of modern and contemporary art in Slovenia with a collection of over 3000 artworks by Slovene artists from the end of the 19th Century to the present day. The museum department takes care of the UGM collection (paintings, graphics, sculptures, photography, video-art, installations, etc.). Volunteers can participate in managing the documentation and get acquainted with the artworks as well as with the usually invisible side of museum work.

Documentation department: The museum documentation is, alongside our collection, the basis of any activity that deals with collecting, maintaining and researching cultural heritage and is therefore vital to our institution. UGM maintains one of the most important archive centres of Slovene modern art (about 90,000 items) and a comprehensive as well as very specialized library with about 18,000 units of expert literature, exhibition catalogues and periodical editions. Volunteers can participate in the cataloging of the archive documentation and library, learn about these special archive activities and broaden their knowledge about art.

Education department: The museum is also an educational institution offering a variety of activities such as workshops, story-telling hours, guided tours and trips for diverse age groups. The gallery offers a very colourful pedagogical program for children and youth. The program for adults includes workshops, lectures, discussions, guided viewings and discussions with artists. Volunteers can help by giving our visitors basic information about exhibitions and by participating in workshops and lectures. They will learn about event organization and practical fine arts work.

Information: Jure Kirbis, curator, 02/251 04 94, jure.kirbisping@ugmpong.si