Under the Magnifier with UGM Collection / Hydrangea
UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
May 25 - September 29 2019

The Maribor Art Gallery (UGM) is beginning a small project called Under the Magnifier in the time while we are awaiting the spaces that will be used as the permanent place for our UGM Collection installation. It is intended for the promotion of the attractive UGM collection. It is aimed at the general public and to link knowledge and activities of various institutions. Our first partner Arboretum Volči potok, comes from the field of botany, so we will connect art, nature, botany, history ... While the exhibition in the park pavilion of the Arboretum is dedicated to Hydrangeas, the Art Gallery Maribor one presents original works of authors Avgusta Šantel Jr. and Henrika Šantel. Learn more about the project here.

In September 2019, interdisciplinary lectures will be held at UGM as well as Arboretum - the dialogue will include experts from both institutions. The exhibition offers a starting point for the discussion of art and its close interplay with nature as a painting motif.