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Out of Frame
Photography exhibition featuring works by photographers led by Klavdij Sluban
UGM Studio, Trg Leona Štuklja 2
opening: Friday, 21 July 2017, at 19:00

The exhibition will present 16 photographers of different generations, who have attended the photography workshop led by Klavdij Sluban. The focus will be on various approaches to creative work, as well as on diversity in terms of contents, including nudes, portraits, self-portraits, artists' books, spatial and sound installations, and performances. In-depth personal themes will thus meet conceptual perspectives and socially committed topics. The photographic here and now does indeed mostly originate in the home environment, but it does so in a way that does not use the homeliness to repeat the known, but as a means of shocking and being sincere.

Curator of the exhibition: Andreja Borin
Exhibition layout: Andreja Borin and the authors
Photographers: Vlado Bernetič, Stevan Čukalac, Žiga Gričnik, Vid Jakob, Petra Kapš, Neža Kokol, Tereza Kozinc, Tomaž Lipicer, Miro Nunič, Anuša Petr, Andrej Potrč, Sandra Požun, Branimir Ritonja, Nina Sotelšek, Jaka Teršek, Ana Zibelnik

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a performance of artist Petra Kapš (alias OR poiesis).