On the Edge / Visual Arts in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1929-1941) I Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana
Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Cankarjeva cesta 15
25 April – 15 September 2019
opening: Thursday, 25 April 2019

The international exhibition of visual arts in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the central event of the Modern Gallery in 2019, is a problematic overview of painting, sculpture, graphics, drawings, photographs and film since the king's introduction of dictatorship on the 6th of January 1929, which strongly influenced the so-called clash on the artistic left , until the beginning of the Second World War on the Yugoslav soil (April 1941).

The Maribor Art Gallery is participating with several pieces from the UGM Collection at the exhibition. The most important among them is the painter Zoran Mušič, who spent the pre-war period, after finishing his studies in Zagreb, in Maribor, where he painted the beacons of the city and its surrounding areas. Another important author is Ivan Kos with his series of engaged portraits of working class and beggars. Ivan Kos will be discussed in the Virtual Legend project this year, and he will be especially highlighted at the exhibition about his portrait of the Girl with the Orange at the end of the year. They are also joined by the painter Karel Jirak, depicting the Drava bridge in winter.