Polonca Lovšin / Movement for Public Speaking
Trg svobode, Maribor

The project Movement for public speaking is an interactive and temporary public sculpture that offers an opportunity to connect individuals and groups with the aim of public speaking. The sculpture is comprised of a podium and a platform for generating electricity, both interconnected and interdependent. Namely, the speech can only be heard if a group of people generates energy for the sound system by moving on the platform.


The artistic project »Movement for public speaking« is an independent speaking platform that encourages public speaking and at the same time strengthens cooperation, which is of the utmost importance in times of crisis. The project is independent not only because participants themselves generate the electricity for the sound system but also because it does not belong to any policy and does not serve an economic propaganda.

The goal of the project is to offer the possibility for public speaking to all inhabitants of Maribor and to create new cooperation networks. Intellectuals, activists, pensioners and all creative persons will gather on Trg svobode between 17 and 15 October 2015 and prepare a set of public talks.

Polonca Lovšin is an artist and architect, who focuses on self-organized initiatives and alternative forms of action within architecture and urban planning. She has presented her work at numerous solo and group exhibitions and was given various scholarships, awards and residencies.

The project is financed by the Municipality of Maribor (Mestna občina Maribor).