MARKO A. KOVAČIČ, Sparks of Prometheus
RSR | Rotovž Exhibition Salon, Trg Leona Štuklja 2
Opening with a concert: Tuesday, 22 November 2011 at 19:00
Collaborators: Brane Ždralo (light), Ervin Ritter (electronics, experiment) and Boris Garb (video)

In his artwork Marko A. Kovačič takes on the role of contemporary archaeologist exploring specific parts of the city. Among things people throw away he is trying to find the answer to the question, why so many objects of the modern consumer society end up in garbage bin or dumped on the side of the street. In his lighting installation Sparks of Prometheus he explores the recycling issue exposed in some of his previous projects (Civilization of Plastos, Lost Horizon, Loving Look, Report Point at the Red Star). Although he is closely connected to his previous artistic practice he also explores the use of light. His recycling installation is formed as assemblage of different materials and objects arranged into an ambiental whole with artistic and applicable function. The metal construction includes lighting bodies and its moving parts allow the transformation of material light and color matter into a dynamic installation forming a moving space. The perception is undermined and the light-sound object transforms in front of the viewer into a device which produces infinite new scenes.

: Meta Kordiš
Production: Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana