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Maribor 1992-2012: City Panorama
UGM Studio, Trg Leona Štuklja 2, Maribor
opening: Friday, 3 October 2014, at 19:00

The exhibition was conceived in 2012 on the initiative of the architectural exhibition space Architektur in Ringturm and insurance company Wiener Städtische, in collaboration with Hiša arhitekture Maribor. The exhibition follows Maribor city planning in the timeframe of twenty years between 1992-2012 (roughly from Slovenia’s independence to the year of European Capital of Culture). The exhibition is divided into three thematic sections showing the architectural and urban development of the city: the architectural icons, reorganizing the city and a vision of the city. The exhibition presents more than 50 works by Slovenian and foreign architects. The purpose of the exhibition is to display the quality of design in architecture in Maribor in the first two decades of Slovenia’s independence and to position Maribor as one of the relevant Slovenian architectural epicentres. The exhibition at UGM Studio in Maribor has been expanded to include architectural works in Maribor from 2012 to present day. The exhibition will be accompanied by a set of lectures under the title Maribor Architects: Panorama, in which generations of Maribor architects will present their work in the city and surrounding areas.

The exhibition marks the 850th Anniversary of First Written Mention of Maribor.

The exhibition was conceived by Uroš Lobnik (director of Hiša arhitekture Maribor and head of the Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Maribor) and Adolf Stiller (director of the Architektur in Ringturm exhibition space). The exhibition is supported by: UGM, Wiener Städtische, Hiša arhitekture Maribor (Faculty of Engineering, University of Maribor), Architects' Society of Maribor.


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