Ladies First! Künstlerinnen in und aus der Steiermark 1850–1950
Neue Galerie Graz, Joanneum, 8010 Graz, Avstria
25 September 2020 - 19 September 2021

curators: Gudrun Danzer and Günther Holler-Schuster

As part of hosting works from the UGM Collection, will be on display the Ladies First! Künstlerinnen and und aus der Steiermark 1850–1950 enhibition. The exhibition project sheds light in the first part on a history of art in Styria from a female perspective in the period covering 1850 to 1950: around 1850 the first generation of women were born for whom a career as an independent artist was even thinkable. Their artistic activity occurred primarily in the area of Austrian atmospheric realism and in Jugendstil graphic art. In the inter-war period, women artists increasingly won independence; their educational and exhibiting opportunities improved, and their artistic works were more and more set on an equal par with those of their male colleagues. Astonishingly, no survey exhibition of women’s art in Styria has taken place to date. This exhibition sets out to redress this deficiency.