Impressionism from Dawn to Dust / Slovene Art 1870-1930 I Prague castle
Prague Castle Hradčany, Prague, Czech Republic
17 May - 16 September 2019
opening: Wednesday, 15 May 2019

curator: Barbara Jakl

After several decades, Prague will again host a transparent exhibition of Slovenian impressionism and other trends that shaped the Slovenian cultural space between 1870 and 1930.

At the exhibition Impressionism from Dawn to Dust / Slovenian art 1870-1930, on the Prague Castle, there are 474 exhibits, which together represent one of the key periods in Slovenian history, when the art of our country tried to catch up with Europe not only stylistic but also institutionally wise. The evidence of that was the setting up of the first sales exhibition grounds and establishing the University and the National Gallery - all three in Ljubljana. The exhibition will include works by Janez and Jurij Šubic, Alojz Gangel, Jože Plečnik, Mateja Sternena, Ivan Grohar and Ivana Kobilca. All media is represented - sculpture, painting, graphics and book illustration. It is the largest and most significant presentation of the national heritage abroad in the entire history of independent Slovenia. The Maribor Art Gallery has lent three parts to the exhibition.

borrowed works from the UGM Collection:
Franc Berneker, Solitude, around1903, bronze
Ivana Kobilca, Oriental man, oil on canvas, 61 x 49 cm
Ivan Kos, The Girl with an Orange, 1927, oil on canvas