Here, Before and Now / Review of Visual Arts in the 20th Century and Artistic Practices in the Savinja Valley
Castle Novo Celje, Petrovče 33
24 May - 12 October 2019

curators: Alenka Domjan, Milena Zlatar, Mojca Puncer, Karin Požin and Andreja Rakovec

With the help of the curators Milena Zlatar, Mojca Puncer, Karin Požin and Andreja Rakovec, the project manager and curator Alenka Domjan presented a review of visual art in a very strict time-bound 20th century together with the current artistic practice in the Savinja Valley. For the exhibition, curators chose authors from a wide range of media, from painting, sculpture, graphics, installation, photography to performance and costume art.

Alenka Domjan said: "The works of art are placed in the generational dialogue - from the romantic traces of the end of the 19th century, through expressionism and poetic realism of the first half of the 20th century, various stylistic expressions and autopoetics of modernism from the second half of the 20th century to modernity, where we stand today." The exhibition curators decided on the authors who were born here, lived here for a longer or shorter time, occasionally returned to it, or otherwise connected with this space. For a complex presentation, which has no beginning and no end, they have set another limit - a geographical space.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Institute of Culture, Sport and Tourism Žalec.

borrowed work from the UGM Collection:
Fran Tratnik: Suzana, oil on canvas, inv. no. 31 / S