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even for "DADA" time is too abstract.
sogar für "DADA" ist die Zeit zu abstrakt.
celo za "DADA" je čas preabstrakten.
UGM Studio, Leon Štukelj Square 2, Maribor
opening: Friday, 6 March 2015 at 19:00

An hour before the exhibition opening, at 18:00, the artists will perform a guided tour through the exhibition in German and English languages. You are kindly invited!

Google - DADA
Youtube - DADAISM

You will find out that DADA makes sense, however the essence of our time does not.

Dada or Dadaism is a European form of artistic anarchy. Dadaists questioned the value system of bourgeois art, which is based on personal taste. By means of irrational standpoints they were offending the traditional artistic aesthetics and thereby provoking the conservative complacency. Dadaism has created an atmosphere in which art is alive in the “spontaneous” moment, with the aim to paralyze tradition and shatter established values. Dadaism claims that everything is anti-art. But the provocative, negatively oriented creative perspective has influenced the creation of artworks that have opened the gateway both to the development of 20th Century art, as well as to the contemporary art of the present moment.

100 years later….

Dada is here and now. Dada is everywhere. At the end of all beginnings, of different art movements, producing art is fundamental. Art offers answers to posed questions and raises new, unspoken questions! Art provokes! Art documents history and changes the present! Dada is the future!

The group exhibition presents works by selected contemporary Dadaists: Pauline Neuner, (GER); Viivi Tarik, (FIN); Ernst Tillner, (GER); Maxim Petrow, (RUS); Aurelie Dechant, (FRA); Eva Klang – Tagwerker, (GER); Jacob Evans, (USA); Florian Hanrath, (AUT); Max Abend, (GER); Franziska Matthes, (GER); Julia Zeiser (GER), Urška Debevc (SLO), Mario Grubišić (CRO/AUT), Janez Klenovšek (SLO), Nataša Berk (ausländer), Mladen Stilinović (CRO).

Producer: Dejan Pestotnik (SLO)


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