Comic Heroes are Rescuing Europe
UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, Strossmayerjeva 6
opening: Friday, 15 June 2012 at 18:00

The exhibition Comic Heroes are Rescuing Europe offers an insight into the history of European comics production in the twentieth century with an emphasis on Belgium, France and Slovenia. Belgium and France are the leading countries in comic book production, along with Japan and the US. The young Belgian reporter Tintin and the Gallic hero Asterix have outgrown newsapapers and booklets and become national icons that are popular all over the world. They have inspired comic book artists in Slovenia as well. Slovenian artists featured in the exhibition include Kostja Gatnik, Tomaž Lavrič, and Miki Muster. Original comic panels of authors from eight European countries will be displayed, including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, United Kingdom and Slovenia. The exhibition explores the possibilities of artistic expression in comics and the diversity of stylistic approaches taken by individual authors. It does not follow the well established division between commercial and underground comics, but considers the medium as an autonomous and highly influential field of visual art. Majority of the exhibits by foreign authors come from private collection of Mladen Novakovic.

Authors (selection): Joseph Gillain – Jijé (1914–1980, Belgium), Fred Funcken (1921, Belgium), Raymond Macherot (1924–2008, Belgium), Dino Attanasio (1925, Italy/Belgium), Marcel Remacle – Ted  Smedley (1926–1999, Belgium), William Vance (1935, Belgium), Francis Bertrand (1937–1994, Belgium), Philippe Delaby (1961, Belgium), Raymond Poïvet (1910- 1999, France), Jean Cézard (1924–1977, France), Paul Gillon (1926–2011, France), Michel Regnier – Greg (1931–1999, France), Christian Godard (1932, France), Jean-Marc Reiser (1941–1983, France), Michel Blanc-Dumont (1948, France), François Dermaut (1949, France), Andrija Maurovic (1901-1981, Croatia), Walter Neugebauer (1921–1992, Bosnia/Croatia/Germany), Jules Radilovic (1928, Slovenia/Croatia), Zarko Beker (1936-2012, Croatia), Igor Kordej (1957, Croatia), Esad Ribic (1972, Croatia), Benito Jacovitti (1923–1997, Italy), Gallieno Ferri (1929, Italy), Sergio Toppi (1932, Italy), Roberto Raviola – Magnus (1939-1996, Italy), Giancarlo Alessandrini (1950, Italy), Miki Muster (1925, Slovenia), Kostja Gatnik (1945, Slovenia), Zoran Smiljanic (1961, Slovenia), Tomaž Lavric (1964, Slovenia), Branislav Bane Kerac (1952, Serbia), Sibin Slavkovic (1953, Serbia), Zeljko Pahek (1954, Serbia), Miodrag Ivanovic Mikica (1959, Serbia), Aleksa Gajic (1974, Serbia), Enrique Badia Romero (1930, Spain).

Production: ZRZ EPeKa