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  • Nenad Cizl, 20+10

    Young Slovene designer Nenad Cizl works in the fields of illustration, graphic design, visual communication and fine arts.

  • Twenty-six million minutes latter

    In 1961 – when the first Conference of Non-Aligned Heads of State was convened at Belgrade – in Zagreb the event New Tendencies took place, presenting the beginnings of the then Yugoslav territory...

  • Ksenija Čerče, () Echo

    Multilayered project by Ksenija Čerče will focus on setting up a complex situation in order to enable development of sound events.

  • Second Half

    The exhibition of contemporary Slovak photography - Second Half - presents nine young Slovak photographers: Ján Šipöcz, Iva Sýkorová, Maija Laurinen, Šymon Kliman, Ján Palkovič, Juraj Fifik, Ján...

  • RE:akt!

    RE:akt! confronts current ideological and intellectual canons, power structures, policies and distribution channels by re-enacting selected historical and culturally relevant events.

  • Marko Jakše

    Marko Jakše is one of those artists whose diverse artwork could be placed into different periods. He is a “painter that sculpts” and he “constructs” his paintings as architectural creations built by...