• Flat and Distant in Beijing

    The exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing was created in collaboration with UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, who have presented the exhibition The Earth Is Flat with the same artists at their gallery in...

  • Good Luck, Archaeologists!

    In 2016, OTTO-Prod will celebrate its 10th anniversary of activity in the field of art between cities of Maribor and Marseille. The group proposes an ambitious group show, gathering at Umetnostna...

  • Acta Non Verba

    What is the body of tomorrow, how to make peace with photoshopped imagery, and how to suppress fear that prevents us from surrendering to the ideology of power and wealth? Classical concepts and...

  • Made in Maribor

    The exhibition provides an overview of diverse creative activity by local artists and at the same time offers the very best of current art production in town.


    The contrast between the real and the virtual is the central theme of the exhibition; designed as an ontological space in which visitors explore the various factors that shape our lives.

  • P not UGM

    The former Agency of Public Accounting (SDK) building finally given new life – new car park to open this Friday, 17 June, at 11:00.