• RE:akt!

    RE:akt! confronts current ideological and intellectual canons, power structures, policies and distribution channels by re-enacting selected historical and culturally relevant events.

  • Marko Jakše

    Marko Jakše is one of those artists whose diverse artwork could be placed into different periods. He is a “painter that sculpts” and he “constructs” his paintings as architectural creations built by...

  • Visual Bureaucrats

    The art project by three Slovenian artists, who are establishing a constellation of mutual cooperation, converts the gallery into a dialog and a crossing of diverse art practices. The event will be...

  • Get wet

    This summer exhibition has gathered artists supported through residency programs and contemporary visual art promotion programs between France and Slovenia initiated by Otto Prod / La Vitrine.

  • Arjan Pregl, 299 Hairy Ones

    In his two-part, multilayered visual and sound project, Arjan Pregl addresses the issue of the dialogic relation between image and word.

  • Continuity of the Modernism

    Croatian architecture has drawn a certain amount of international attention during the last few years.