Ana Pečar / Crystal Clear
UGM Studio, Trg Leona Štuklja 2
opening: Friday, 18 November 2016, at 19:00

"In recent years, researcher Pavel Medvešček has revealed an abundant part of the genuine immaterial heritage which since 1960 he has been researching in the remote places of North Primorska. The extensive knowledge that has developed over many generations is directly bound to the area's specific hilly karst landscape full of swallow holes, caves, stones, and streams with their carved-out limestone river beds. This rich system of knowledge particularly intrigues me as an alternative to the existing reality. Each space has its own authentic, indispensable value that holds the key to sustainable development. Autochthonous populations are intimately aware of the unique quality of that space; after all they live within it in a close interdependency of survival. Globalisation that likewise splashed our homeland two decades ago dictates a uniform social, political, and economic regulation subordinate to the free market. Heterogeneity, knowledge, and the intelligence of space have been fading as a result of this. The extinction of species and their mutual relationships generates collateral damage. We have almost lost track of the language spoken by our landscape.

It was not my intention to present this complex topic in a literal sense, although I am conscious of the hereto loss of a large amount of interesting data. I focused on water and its quality as an information carrier between the sky and the earth. Water is an essential component in all religions and ritual systems. The interplays of light, wind, and water in the sacred space of a community, which up to the previous century had lived according to old customs among the karst hills of the North Primorska region, are the overlapping threads of this video installation." (Ana Pečar)


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