Wisdom Hours / A Space Within a Space + Theater Maze
workshop for elders and adults
meeting point: UGM Studio, Trg Leona Štuklja 2
UGM Studio + SNG Maribor, Slovenska ulica 23
Tuesday, 19 november 2019, 15:00–16:30

mentor: Brigita Strnad, UGM education programme manager

After a guided tour of the exhibition The Space Within The Space / Scenography in Slovenia Before 1991, where we will learn about the visual messages of a theatre performance, we will visit the theatre maze of SNG (Slovene National Theatre Maribor). We will discover secret spaces that are hidden to the usual visitors: backstage with its complex stage technology, costume department, equipment storage and winding corridors that lead behind and under the stage through hidden flaps. We will uncover attractions of the theatre’s 160 years long history. In this exciting adventure we will get to know some of the theatre professions that still preserve the knowledge and skill, such as sewing, shoemaking, wig making and other valuable crafts, and we will also learn about different ways of artistic and technical creating in the theatre.