The Mean Ant on a visit / Bojan Golija, Work on a Rice Field

Hello children! At a time when you can't visit the gallery, our curious Mean Ant will visit you again in your homes and get to know art and create interesting products with you. Each week, as long as we are advised to stay home, will Brigita Strnad, museum advisor, together with the Mean Ant, prepare artwork for children between the ages of 5 and 9, but can be solved by all of us if we will be bored.

Here is the first task! This time we will meet the artist Bojan Golija and his work. Tasks in the form of a teaching tool can be found in this link, and you can open them in the same format by clicking the boxes below.

She was the Mean Ant…

We all know her, but many do not know that the author of the poem The Mean Ant is Branko Rudolf, the legendary first director of the Maribor Art Gallery. The first known publication of the poem dates back to 1955 (the year after the Maribor Art Gallery was founded) in the collection of poems for children Zamorček in ladjica, and since then the poem has been printed in numerous collections and independent editions. The poem has been set to music by the the composer Marijan Vodopivec and in 1971 it was played in the scene of the TV series Erazem and Wander. Since then, it has been known to all generations of children in Slovenia.