Slovenian première of Rebecca Horn’s film Buster’s Bedroom
Cinema Udarnik, Grajski trg 1, Maribor
Sunday, 30 September 2012 at 11:00

Opening weekend of exhibtion Maribor Project / Rebecca Horn & Guests will conclude with the projection of Rebecca Horn's film Buster's Bedroom. In her early period, Rebecca Horn documented her performances on film, later she shot three feature films, for which she also wrote scripts: Der Eintänzer (1978), La Ferdinanda: Sonata for a Medici Villa (1981) and Buster's Bedroom (1990). One of the characteristics of Rebecca Horn's films are her artworks, presented in her films, such as feather objects, ostrich eggs, wheel chairs, strait-jackets and geological hammers. Objects are used by film characters to satisfy their needs and innocent curiosity and they set an imaginary museum of Rebecca Horn's works.

Film script for Buster's Bedroom, based on Rebecca Horn's story, was written by Rebecca Horn and Martin Mosebach. The cast includes movie stars Donald Sutherland, Geraldine Chaplin and Valentina Cortese. Main character Micha (Amanda Ooms), who is obsessed with Buster Keaton, stays at the sanatorium Nirvana House in Santa Barbara where the actor was once a patient. The genial residents of the asylum have taken it over, following the death of the real doctor, and are having a grand old time there. They have elected O'Connor (Donald Sutherland) to run the place, perhaps because of his basement snake collection. One of the residents is a once-famous swimmer Diana Daniels (Geraldine Chaplin), who consents to being strapped in a wheel chair in the hope of accumulating sufficient energy to let her resume her perilous diving. Another resident is the former prima donna, Serafina Tannenbaum (Valentina Cortese), who nurtures the fantasy of a dramatic love affair. Gradually reality overcomes the fantasy of Nirvana House, which is especially evident in the relationship between Micha and Diana, who develops jealous feelings over Micha's relationship with Dr. O'Connor. Rebecca Horn was fascinated by a celebrity of American silent films Buster Keaton, who she considered a tragic character and not a comedian. She included strait-jacket in several film sequences, with which she refers to Buster Keaton’s personal experience during his stay at the sanatorium, when he was detained in it. The film was shown at the Marché du Film of the Cannes Film Festival in 1990, it was nominated for Best Feature Film by the German Film Awards and was awarded fot best production design.