koncert on Museum Summer night at UGM
UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
Saturday, 20 June 2020, 21:00

We invite all visitors to a full day of artistic hang out at UGM and an evening concert with the music group Simpatico in the gallery courtyard. Free attendence!

In the year since they were formed, Simpatico have stormed the Slovenian music stage and enriched its radio landscape. Their first single Maribor diši (Maribor is fragrant) was extremely successful, as was the song Au (Ouch), which was picked up soon after its release by a foreign retail chain to advertise their sales. This was probably also influenced by the co-author and driving force behind the project, the poet and dramatist Rok Vilčnik, who is credited with several music projects in Slovenian music history, such as Papir and Pliš. Vilčnik also writes songs for other artists, such as Severa Gjurin, Maja Keuc, Neisha and Bilbi. As with his first music group Patetico, he again transferred classic global gems into Slovenian. The songs that he has adapted into Slovenian include What a wonderful world, Autumn leaves, Isn't she lovely, Fly me to the moon, How deep is your love, Can’t buy me love, Knocking on a heaven’s door and others. The band is currently creating original songs, which they have already played to the audiences at their last concerts.
The creators of Simpatico do not define themselves stylistically. While they are interested in folk rock, they also flirt with jazz and feel closer to a slower acoustic atmosphere with lyrical texts. The chanson vocal of poet Rok Vilčnik holds together the unique guitar input of Marko Zaletelj, the top rhythm section of Luka Herman Gaiser on double bass and Jože Zadravec on drums.

Video: Simpatico, Mami, daj pridi domov, Youtube