Online Creative Saturday / Everyday objects
Saturday, 21 November 2020, 10:00-11:30

guided by: Urša Rotman, professional co-worker at UGM and Brigita Strnad, museum consultant at UGM

Due to the current situation, the Creative Saturdays is being moved online. Access the online creative here. Login password: 858516.

We invite children to the Zoom meeting, where we will contact you directly from the UGM. Along with the works of art at the exhibition 100+ Highlights from the UGM Collection, we will ask you some puzzles, a little less difficult and some even quite difficult. Then we will take a closer look at the installation entitled The Suction Position of the Maribor sculptor Darko Golija. The layout is large, measuring almost 10 m in length. You, the children, will guide us in the filming. We will then give you a hint for the artwork. To create, prepare: a chair or two chairs, a sheet, a string, a broom, a cooker and something of your choice.