Thank you note to all the heroes

At a time when many can maintain their health due to social distancing, some adjustments to their lifestyle and work from home, there are those for whom these measures are not possible to obtain. These are the heroes who are among the most exposed to the new epidemic every day. When our institution can be temporarily closed, it is important on this occasion to thank all the unnamed heroes and heroines of current reality.

Thank you to the doctors, medical staff, pharmacists and other healthcare staff. We are aware that you are putting your mental and physical health ahead of you, and that you are therefore among the most exposed, yet you enter health care institutions every day, ready to help the weak.

Thanks to the employees in the shops and everyone in the production, those who make sure that people are provided with food and basic necessities of life.

Thanks to all the cleaning services, to the utility and construction workers. We recognize your effort. Without your concern for our environment, streets, buildings, living and working areas, coping would be much more difficult during this difficult period.

We recognize all heroic deeds. Thank you on behalf of the UGM team.