Virtual Legends / From Our Collection: Ivan Kos
virtual exhibition

A virtual exhibition about the life and work of the artist Ivan Kos featuring 30 introductory descriptions and selected works by the author from the UGM Collection, is now available on the portal - a variety of platforms which offers accessibility to Slovenian museum collection.

The project, named Virtual Legends, is a five month colleborative project between students and mentors in the arts, communication and media studies at the University of Maribor, the mentoring staff of the Maribor Art Gallery and the Semantics Project. The original purpose of the virtual exhibition that is published on the intricate site of the is the availability to a wider audience. The preparation of student discussions was directed onto a problem of how to forward information in a way that would be attractive to the target group of young people. Under the mentorship of the Semantics Project, the students have taken advantage of the computer software and have learned about the possibilities of an online gallery collection and exhibition presentation and about the usage of informational technologies to pass forward information about art heritage. The students have acquired knowledge and competence in the field of digital sciences and humanities, and Semantics was provided by user information for the development of new tools.

University mentors: Polona Vidmar, Katarina Mohar, Melita Koletnik
Delegating mentors: Simona Vidmar (UGM), Jure Kirbis (UGM), Sašo Zagoranski (Semantics)
Participating students: Sara Dobrajc, Vanesa Erjavec, Patricia Hrncic, Martin Ivanus, Lejla Krusko, Barbara Lesnik, Lena Kline, David Sibull

Virtual exhibition was created in the framework of the Creative Path to Knowledge / Virtual Legends project. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund.