UGM and the Summer Puppet Pier
LGM Auditorium, Vojašniški trg 2a + UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
Saturday, 10 August, 18:00 and Saturday, 31 August 2019, 11:45

UGM will also be a part of the festival Summer Puppet Pier, which is lead by the Puppet Theatre Maribor (LGM) for the 30th consecutive year. This time around we are joining the rich program with a photographic creation, which will be performed at the Puppet Theatre Maribor. At the end of the festival, we will also host one of the performances at the UGM, followed by some fun creative activities that we have lined up for you.

Saturday, 10 August, 18:00
LGM Auditorium, Vojašniški trg 2a
Creative workshop 3+
The Maribor Art Gallery, where we display various artworks, will this time present itself with a visual photographic workshop. Children will be challenged to find and capture interesting pictures of the place where the puppets reside with the photo camera. Then, we will proceed to the process of photo editing the recorded images.

Saturday, 31 August, 11:45
UGM, Strossmayer 6
Creative workshop 3+
After viewing the puppet show The Enchanting Teapot, children and parents are invited to the UGM exhibition spaces to see artworks. There you will be shown an original image with a teapot motif from the UGM collection. Afterwords you will be asked to create a picture of a magical teapot with a brush and some colour.