"A Fair(y) Take for Everyone" Project

We are pleased to announce that, together with the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor, we have contributed to the exhibition that emerged in the context of the project for co-financing non-profit programs to enhance the health of the population in the area of Municipality of Maribor, including an e-book on the subject of children's rights.

According to the head of the »Children-friendly UNICEF city of Maribor« project, Borut Ambrožič, the objectives of the »A Fair(y) Tale for Everyone« project are raising awarenes of importance of health and enhancing the sense / knowledge of children's rights as well as promoting knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of patients in accordance with the law. The resulting e-book, brought to light by the work of various socially responsible participants, is decorated by the art work of over a hundred children who together with their mentors answered the invitation by the project leader and the participating institutions. Their work could also be seen at the exhibition at The Faculty of Education in Maribor and will be presented again at the Karlinia Exhibition Center on the premises of JSKD Maribor in June

UGM Curator Brigita Strnad is among the editors of the book. You can scroll through the book here.