Modern UGM21 Exhibition Center on Rotovški trg

»At the Maribor Art Gallery, we were happy to approach the Rotovž Center project, as it offered us the opportunity to connect various activities in the field of culture in a completely new way. We are convinced that the people of Maribor will have an exceptional experience provided through the synergy of various actors in the Rotovž Center - the city library, a modern exhibition center, art cinema; and therefore receive more than an individual institution could offer. We were especially impressed by the move of the mayor and the city leadership to place culture in the city center itself, as it symbolically indicates the role that culture plays in the development of our city.

Maribor will finally acquire the first purpose-built art exhibition. With professional conditions, we will be able to host international and nationally relevant exhibitions and address the general public with them. The modern concept of the exhibition will enable us to offer better support to the Maribor art scene, and we will also expand our activities in areas such as design, photography and film, which the public rightly expects from the central institution for visual culture in northeastern Slovenia.

The exhibition space of the Maribor Art Gallery called UGM21 will be located in the Rotovž Center complex; the name indicates the orientation of the exhibition center towards modern principles of exhibition. In the meantime, the museum contents will be given suitable premises at the existing location on Strossmayer Street. These premises will also need to be renovated, and IOM's serious intention can be seen in the renovations of the roof and façade that have already been completed.

We at UGM are very much looking forward to the project, and above all want the public to be invited to the first exhibition as soon as possible, and with that start the creative process in Rotovž Center."
- Breda Kolar Sluga, director of the Maribor Art Gallery