Meet the artist / Tina Konec

Please introduce yourself briefly.
I'm Tina Konec, a painter.

What do you do as an artist?
I am searching for the sensibility and universality of one's own expression within the technique of drawing and the motif of nature.

How do you create? Do you have a protocol?
I need two things: time and a chosen musical background.

What do you find to be ideal conditions for artistic creation?
When it comes to that inner call, the urge to express and create, I can work anywhere, anytime.

What do you think of when you hear the word »atelier«?
On a well-lit large table.

What inspires you?
Concrete and abstract images from nature.

What has inspired you to create lately?
The aforementioned sudden call to create.

How do you balance art and work for survival?
It is not the easiest thing, but with will and desire anything is possible.

What is the most difficult thing for you on the artistic path?
Disproportions within the art system.

What is the greatest gift of art for you personally?
Inner satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment that you can give something to others.

How do you experience exhibiting of your work?
It's like I'm just exhibiting myself.

What is your future artistic challenge?
I always want to present the constants in my work in a new, different way.

How would you complete the sentence: Art is ....
Art is seemingly a fragile driving force of society.

Tina Konec was born in 1992 in Maribor. In 2015, she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana under Professor Zmago Lenárdič. At the same institution she is currently completing her postgraduate study in painting under mentor Tugo Šušnik. In 2018, she received the Grand Prix Award at the 53rd International Painting Festival Ex-Tempore in Piran for her work Crystallisation in ink on paper. She lives and works in Ljubljana and Oplotnica.