Meet the artist / Rok Vilčnik

Who are you and what do you do?
Rok Vilčnik, mostly playwright.

Describe your work in three words / adjectives.
Imitating, modifying, recycling.

Best advice on the art world you've received?
Who sees only light is blind.

Artwork / author / music / movie that has been your favorite lately?
Tiger King.

What do you fear when you create?

What creation tool would I not be able to live without?

What do you consider to be the biggest success of your artistic career so far?
Music group Simpatico.

How do you view the positive or negative critique of your creation?
The positive excites me, but the negative would make me leave it all together.

Name an artist that you would like to be compared to.

What are you preparing for the future?

Rok Vilčnik (1968, Maribor) started his career as a painter and earned a BEd in fine arts. Due to a hand injury his career took a turn and he started writing. He has been a freelance artist ever since.
Vilčnik lives and works in Maribor, Slovenia. He is mostly known for his theatrical plays for children and adults; he was three times awarded the Grum Award for best new Slovenian play. In 2000, he received it for To ("That"), in 2008 for Smeti na luni ("Garbage on the Moon"), and in 2016 for Ljudski demokratični cirkus Sakešvili ("The Sakeshvili Democratic People's Circus"). In 2004, at the Slovenian Festival of Monodrama in Ptuj, he was named the Slovenian Noble Comediographer and presented the Grand Prix for Pavlek ("Paulie"). He is a founding member and songwriter for popular Slovenian bands Patetico, Papir and Pliš, and a songwriter for Neisha, Bilbi and Severa Gjurin.