Meet the artist / Nenad Cizl

Who are you and what do you do?
Nenad Cizl. I deal with illustration and graphic design.

Describe your work in three words / adjectives.
Beautiful, stressful, inspiring.

Best advice on the art world you've received?
Do what really makes you happy.

Artwork / author / music / movie that has been your favorite lately?
It's been a while, but [movie] La grande bellezza (Infinite Beauty) is the Artwork that impressed me the most.

What do you fear when you create?
Of the End.

What creation tool would I not be able to live without?

What do you consider to be the biggest success of your artistic career so far?
That individuals have more than one of my works at home somewhere on the wall.

How do you view the positive or negative critique of your creation?
With the positive, I always find myself embarrassed. But I usually take the negative as a challenge.

Name an artist that you would like to be compared to.
I realize it’s pretentious, but if it was P from Picasso, I’d be quite happy.

How did the pandemic mark your work?
With a lot of work.

The relay question of the artist Rene Maurin:
Let's go for a walk?
With greatest pleasure.

Nenad Cizl (b.1980) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, at the Department of Design - Visual Communications Course. For many years he has been one of the developers in the field of illustration and graphic design in Maribor and Slovenia as well. Numerous artworks by this young artist have been given awards by many acknowledged organizations working in the fields of graphic design, visual communication and painting. In 2008 he won a Merit from the Art Directors Club (New York) for his corporate identity for Magdalena International Festival of Creative Communication 2008, he was a grand prix winner at the Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF 2008 and in the same year he won four gold awards for a series of posters for Amnesty International. From 2004 to 2006 he was one of the Magdalena International Festival of Creative Communication finalists. Nenad Cizl has exhibited his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including the Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication, 2007; an exhibition in the Zurich Design Museum, 2007; BELEF – Belgrade Summer Festival, 2006; and Gallery Remont, Belgrade, 2006.