Meet the Artist / Mitja Ficko

Please introduce yourself briefly.
Mitja Ficko, painter.

What do you do as an artist?
I am dealing with a picture that would broadly embrace as many levels of reality as possible.

How do you create? Do you have a protocol?
There are paintings based on previous ideas from which I often come and paintings that develop from themselves and are more experimental in nature.

What are the ideal conditions for artistic creation for you?
Ideally, leave as little as possible. That is to say, the necessary things are provided -  existentally, materially and spatially.

What comes to mind when hearing the word "atelier"?
I think of a large enough studio. 100m2 is ideal for me.

What inspires you? Where do you get inspiration for your work?
I'm inspired by a lot of things. To summarize: the diversity of living, experiences and beauty.

What has inspired you to create lately?
For some time now, I have been interested in the existence and intertwining of different qualities and coexistence in one painting.

How do you balance art and working for a living?
Survival is in the service of art. For now.

What is the most difficult thing/part of the the artistic path for you?
It is difficult to imagine, for example, the thought that every time you come to the studio you create something new, different, from the very beginning, say after the academy and until the end of your days.

What is the greatest gift of art for you personally?
Creating new (fortunately still inanimate) things & getting closer to beauty.

How do you experience exhibiting your work?
As a “celebration” because it’s the first time I’ve seen all the pictures together, which is sad in its own way.

What is your future artistic challenge?
To find, develop, make an interesting non-representative form that would satisfy as many of my criteria as possible. This is not exactly the next challenge, it is a more far-reaching project.

How do you experience current isolation?
I am used to isilation as a painter. Slowing down the global pace, however, also suits me.

Complete the sentence: Art is ................
always something different.

The relay question of the previous interviewee, artist Herman Pivk:
What advice do you have for future artists??

Be marathoners and not short distance runners.

Mitja Ficko (1973) is one of the most important painters of the young art scene in Slovenia. His mostly large-format oil paintings deal with fantastic parallel worlds that take the viewer on a journey into a space between reality and mysticism.