Meet the artist / Matija Bobičić

Who are you and what do you do?
Matija Bobičić. I mainly paint.

Describe your work in three words / adjectives.
Rambo, first, blood.

Best advice on the art world you've received?
»It's all business.«

Artwork / author / music / movie that has been your favorite lately?
Movie Parazite (Bong Joon-ho, 2019).

What do you fear when you create?
Straight lines, precision, to run out of paint, ruined brushes, to have someone ring the doorbell ... There are a lot of fears.

What creation tool would I not be able to live without?
Without brains.

What do you consider to be the biggest success of your artistic career so far?
That I managed to convince some people that I am a real artist.

How do you view the positive or negative critique of your creation?
Both with a reserve.

Name an artist that you would like to be compared to.
Comparisons seem problematic to me.

How did the pandemic mark your work?
I was at home even more and I created even more.

The relay question of the artist Mitje Ficka:
Where is your focus and what is the relationship (say in%) between the narrative content and the formal work in your art: painting, sculpture, photography?
Narrative: 5%. Aesthetics, technique and visual appeal: 95%.

Matija Bobičić (1987) completed his studies in art pedagogy in Maribor under the mentorship of painters Ludvik Pandur and Oto Rimele. Over the past few years, with the skillful use of Instagram, he has achieved considerable visibility, which is steadily growing, thus opening the doors to the international art market. Recently, he has presented himself independently with the exhibitions Razsnovljen in the Rotovž Exhibition Hall (Maribor, 2013), Night Animals in KID Kibla (Maribor, 2014), Paths and Collisions in Rigo Gallery (Novigrad, 2017), Under the Rainbow in Marvin Gardens New York, 2018) and Funny How? in Ravnikar Gallery Space (Ljubljana, 2020). He has participated in group exhibitions at KID Kibla (Maribor, 2014), GT22 (Maribor, 2014), Zuccato Gallery (Poreč, 2014), Smoke the Moon (Los Angeles, 2018), Ravnikar Gallery Space (Ljubljana 2018), Sim Smith Gallery (London, 2019, 2020) Clerie Gunzer Gallery (Zurich, 2020), COA Gallery (Montreal, 2020) and within the events NordArt (Büdelsdorf, 2015), Georgetown Carnival (Seattle, 2018), Parallel (Vienna, 2018) and GIFC (Kansas City, Barcelona, ​​New York, Denver, 2018). In 2021, he is preparing for exhibitions with Hunted Projects (Edinburgh) and Ruttkowski; 68 (Berlin).