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Final guided tour of the exhibition The Book Story
UGM Studio, Trg Leona Štuklja 2
Saturday, 21 November 2023, 11:30

led by: Breda Kolar Sluga, curator of the exhibition

You are invited to the final guided tour of the exhibition The Book Story with curator Breda Kolar Sluga on Saturday, 25 November 2023, 11:30 in UGM Studio.

What is a book? It is a unique invention for storing information that has been with us in its famous rectangular format for over 1500 years and still longer perhaps! In Western art the book has been depicted with great enthusiasm, with representations of holy books, encyclopaedias, novels and manuals appearing time and again. At times it is the beauty and rarity of books that captivates, but most often it is what’s inside that captures imagination. But we may have an even broader view; it matters which book one is depicted with, or whether a book is read aloud or in contemplative silence. Most books are written down, but exceptions exist. What is the afterlife of a book once it’s discarded?

Various aspects pertaining to the phenomenon of the book will be addressed in the works of more than 15 artists from Maribor along with their guests. The artists in the exhibition have dedicated time in their careers to explore questions related to the representation of books in contemporary art and why books may be a compelling subject in our time. Over 30 works across all media, from sculpture, painting, installation, photography and objet d'art will unpack various “facets of the book,” from intimate to social experiences.

The exhibition is dedicated to the presentation of Slovenia as the Guest of Honour of the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023.