Cycling Paths / Maribor Circle (1971 - 1974)
UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
27 August 2020, 18:00
meeting point:: in front of UGM

guided by: Andreja Borin, curator UGM

At the last cycling tour this summer, we will get to know the Maribor Circle, a group of photographers from the Maribor Photo Club, who presented themselves in 1971 at the groundbreaking exhibition Photography of the Maribor Circle. This exhibition strongly marked the Slovene and Yugoslav photography of the time and provoked a series of discussions about photography, which at that time was not yet recognized as an artistic expression. The group introduced several important innovations, including focusing on abandoned (suburban) motifs, and in technical terms, it introduced a black border and a dark color scale. The most important photographers of the Maribor Circle (Zmago Jeraj, Ivan Dvoršak, Janko Andrej Jelnikar, Branimir Jerneić and Stojan Kerbler) will be presented together with their photographs at the places where they were taken. The management will focus on the area of the center of Maribor. In case of rain, the cycling path is canceled. Tour is free of charge.

Instructions for safe cycling:
I will follow all the instructions of the organizer and participate in the cycling trip at my own risk. I am aware that the organizer is not responsible for any loss, material damage, other claims, expenses or costs incurred in connection with my participation in the cycling trip. I will follow all the instructions of the organizer. I agree that I am fully aware of the fact that I am obliged to comply with all road traffic regulations, as required by applicable legislation and regulations (Maribor Cycling Network).

Cycling path is created in collaboration with the Maribor Cycling Network.