Counting Down to Prešeren Day
the week of celebrating culture
Instagram (live) + Facebook (video)
from UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
-6 February 2021, 11:00

Join us in the week of celebration culture, when I will be counting down to Prešeren's Day with short live guides on social platforms. We will take you through paintings, drawings, graphics, statues and other works of art that adorn the Maribor Art Gallery. Every day we will present one artist from the exhibition 100+. The virtual cultural gathering will end with a variety of virtual events on Prešeren Day.

Marina Gržinić & Aina Šmid - Axis of Life / online express guided tour
Monday, 1 February 2021, 11:00

guided by: Jure Kirbiš, UGM curator
We begin a series of short presentations on the images of artists somewhat unconventionally. The authors of the video Axis of Life play roles - they are not themselves. So you could say they were depicted randomly because it was the most convenient. Or is that so?

Tone Kralj - My Wife / online express guided tour
Tuesday, 2 February 2021, 11:00

guided by: Brigita Strnad, UGM museum consultant
We will present a portrait of the artist's wife, the sculptor Mara Kralj. Tone Kralj portrayed a scene from their studio, at the center of which is an upright artist from the 1930s, who confidently stares at the viewer while creating.

Elsa Oeltjen Kasimir - Boat / online express guided tour
Wednesday, 3 February 2021, 11:00

guided by: Deja Bečaj, UGM expert associate
There is a lot of symbolism hidden in the small statue of Elsa Oeltjen Kasimir. Her seated image leans on the painter Jan Oeltjen in a boat, which can be understood as a metaphor for their turbulent relationship. Details testify to the great events in their relationship, from the passionate beginnings, to the move to Haloze and the painful revelations of infidelity.

Jana Vizjak - A.P. or or/ online express guided tour 
Thursday, 4 February 2021, 11:00

guided by: Andreja Borin, UGM curator
Self-portraits are common motifs in the work of the painter Jane Vizjak, who is known for her subtle, timeless images, often anchored in the spiritual world. In this enigmatic self-portrait, the painter presents herself with an apple in one hand and a brush in the other. The title “or or” suggests a moment of decision when the painter was deciding between painting and private life.

Nikolaj Pirnat - Portrait of Nande Vidmar/ online express guided tour  
Friday, 5 February 2021, 11:00

guided by: Simona Vidmar, UGM curator
Nikolaj Pirnat portrayed his classmate Nande Vidmar when they studied together at the Zagreb Academy. Both were later interned in an Italian camp and both joined the partisans, but their life stories are very different. We will find out what lies behind the striking image of the young painter.

Elda Piščanec - Self-portrait /online express guided tour   
Saturday, 6 February 2021, 11:00

guided by: Urša Rotman, UGM expert associate
Elda Piščanec belongs to the first generation of artists who more decisively paved their way into the fine arts in the 1930s. In the self-portrait, she poses in front of the viewer in a three-quarter profile, in a bright pink dress and with a short fashionable hairstyle. She presents herself as a tidy and confident young woman.