Anton Nowak / guided tour
UGM Kabinet, Strossmayerjeva 6
Saturday, 14 May 2022, 11:00

led by: Andreja Borin, curator UGM

Join us for a guided tour of the exhibition of painter and graphic artist Anton Nowak in the UGM Kabinet on Saturday, 14 May at 11:00.

Anton Nowak, a Maribor-born painter who was academically trained and earned a reputation for himself in Vienna, has his first exhibition at Maribor Art Gallery (UGM). Around 70 of Nowak's paintings were gradually relocated to the Maribor Art Gallery's  collection, while a handful remained in the Maribor Regional Museum's collection. Only a few basic biographical data about the artist were available until recently, and both institutions have dedicated themselves to investigating his life and work. Dr Valentina Bevc Varl, a museum counsellor at the Maribor Regional Museum, has researched Nowak's life and discovered many details and interesting facts that shed light on the artist's life and career.

Guided tours are included in the entrance fee.